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Lolli Meow Meow by Emoji World


Hi! It's Me! Lolli Meow Meow! Nice to meet you! Aren't I the cutest cat girl you've ever seen?! Meow! I want you to have fun when you text! Get my brand new sticker set, so that you can share 42 of my most favorite expressions with your family & friends! o(^_^)o - Lolli Meow Meow Share my stickers on LINE, Share my stickers on Viber, Share my stickers on Kakao Talk, Share my stickers on WeChat, Share my stickers on Facebook, Share my stickers on WhatsApp, Share my stickers on Twitter, Share my stickers on Instagram, Share My Stickers Everywhere!!!
Lolli's Super Awesome Refund Policy! If You Don't Love Me, You Can Refund Me Within 48 Hours By Hitting The Refund Button, But Trust Me, You Will Love Me! After All, I'm Lolli Meow Meow!!!!
How To Pronounce My Beautiful Name!!!!! Lolli Meow Meow ( Me - Ou) as in Ouch, Now Say It Real Fast, Lolli Meow Meow!
● APP FEATURES ●- Brand New Unique Stickers To Share! - Super Fast Loading!
- Method 1 - To share me, simply touch an expression, then touch the chat app you want to share it with!
- Method 2 - Using your favorite chat app, go to attach an image. Choose Lolli Meow Meow then pick an expression to share!